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Vapor® Graphic Perf® Adaptive

Ceiling Panels,

Wall Panels

Vapor® Graphic Perf® turns wall and ceiling tiles into a limitless canvas, combining the best aspects of two of NOWN’s most popular offerings – Vapor® and Graphic Perf® – into one versatile system. Let NOWN apply its proprietary, algorithmic software and manufacturing expertise to transfer any image or pattern into perforated metal torsion spring panels. Like our Vapor® Family of Products, these are fully compatible with NOWN’s Vertika® wall channel and standard grid systems, to make installation across walls and ceilings effortless. Add available custom color, Soft Sound® acoustic backer panels, and NOWN’s integrated lighting, and the opportunities are truly endless.

Vapor® Graphic Perf® Adaptive Products

Vapor® Graphic Perf® Adaptive