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Engineered to transform architectural and design environments. Our solutions offer superior sound control, blending functionality with style seamlessly. With customizable options and sleek designs, they integrate effortlessly into any space. Eliminate noise disruptions for enhanced productivity and comfort. Experience the impact of our acoustic solutions.

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Ceiling Baffles

Introducing our Ceiling Baffles crafted from SoftSound® (PET) and/or CircuLUM® (Aluminum) designed to elevate your space. These baffles offer exceptional sound absorption, effectively reducing noise levels and enhancing acoustic comfort. Their lightweight and versatile design make them easy to install and integrate seamlessly into any space. With their high-end look and sustainable materials, our PET and aluminium ceiling baffles combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating an optimal environment for work, leisure, or relaxation. Experience improved acoustics and design flexibility with our SoftSound® and CircuLUM™ ceiling baffles.

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Ceiling Clouds

Introducing our Ceiling Clouds made from SoftSound® (PET) and/or CircuLUM® (Aluminum designed to enhance architectural and design environments. These clouds offer superior sound absorption, when using SoftSound®, effectively reducing noise levels and creating optimal acoustics in any space. With their versatile design options and customizable configurations, they seamlessly integrate into various layouts and with other NOWN products. Our clouds not only improve acoustic comfort but also add visual interest and dimension to any environment. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with our SoftSound® and CircuLUM™ cloud solutions.

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Ceiling Panels

Our Ceiling Panels crafted from Aluminium (CircuLUM™) are designed to elevate and transform any space. These panels offer aesthetics and durability, enhancing any space with a modern touch. With the option to add SoftSound® (PET) material as an acoustic backer, they provide superior sound absorption for improved acoustics. Versatile and customizable, our CircuLUM™ Ceiling Panels seamlessly integrate into any design scheme, offering both functionality and style. Experience enhanced architectural appeal and acoustic performance with our innovative panel solutions.

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Exterior Systems

Exterior Systems


Our lighting systems seamlessly integrates with NOWN products, offering both adaptability and visual appeal. Flexible and adaptable, our lighting solutions effortlessly adjust to any space, project, or design, seamlessly blending into your architectural vision. Illuminate your space with style and functionality.

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Partitions are crafted from SoftSound® (PET), designed to enhance sound absorption in any space, reducing noise levels and improving acoustic comfort. With their durable design and customizable options, they seamlessly integrate into any space, providing both functionality, when separating and creating different rooms, while elevating the aesthetic of your space. Experience improved acoustics and enhanced design flexibility with our Partitions.

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Wall Panels

Our Wall Panels made from CircuLUM™ (Aluminium) and are designed to elevate your space. These panels offer a sleek and durable solution, enhancing any space with modern aesthetics. With the option to incorporate SoftSound® (PET) as an acoustic backer, they deliver superior sound absorption, optimizing acoustics for improved comfort. Versatile and customizable, our Wall Panels seamlessly integrate into diverse design schemes, providing both functionality and style. Experience heightened architectural appeal and enhanced acoustic performance with our cutting-edge panel solutions.

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