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Ceiling Baffles

Introducing our Ceiling Baffles crafted from SoftSound® (PET) and/or CircuLUM® (Aluminum) designed to elevate your space. These baffles offer exceptional sound absorption, effectively reducing noise levels and enhancing acoustic comfort. Their lightweight and versatile design make them easy to install and integrate seamlessly into any space. With their high-end look and sustainable materials, our PET and aluminium ceiling baffles combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating an optimal environment for work, leisure, or relaxation. Experience improved acoustics and design flexibility with our SoftSound® and CircuLUM™ ceiling baffles.

Arborisa™ (4)

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Arborisa™ AURA
Arborisa™ AXIL
Arborisa™ DENZA
Arborisa™ NEST

Atmosphera® Adaptive (7)

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Atmosphera® Adaptive ANALOG
Atmosphera® Adaptive ANALOG 3D
Atmosphera® Adaptive CONTOUR
Atmosphera® Adaptive CONTOUR 3D
Atmosphera® Adaptive LOTUS
Atmosphera® Adaptive PULSE
Atmosphera® Adaptive RIPPLE

Atmosphera® (6)

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Atmosphera® FLOW
Atmosphera® LINEA
Atmosphera® RISE
Atmosphera® STRATA
Atmosphera® SURF
Atmosphera® SWELL

SoftFold® (1)

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SoftSpan® (4)

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SoftSpan® 24
SoftSpan® 48
SoftSpan® 48A
SoftSpan® 96

SoundAngle® (1)

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SoundBar® (1)

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SoundEdge® (1)

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