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SoftSpan® stand out as an acclaimed, exceptionally adaptable acoustic baffle system that introduces an innovative solution, mimicking the aesthetic appeal of coffered ceilings or expansive timber trellises without the associated weight. Moreover, it effectively mitigates noise impact within any interior setting. Crafted from our cutting-edge PET Soft Sound® acoustical material, SoftSpan® comes in a diverse range of colors and finished to align with various design visions. Choose from an extensive library of options to discover a perfect match that complements and elevates your space, including Soft Sound® Wood Textures that replicate the warmth and character of timber and ceiling trellises. Notably, SoftSpan® 24, 48, and 48A are now seamlessly compatible with NOWN’s SoundBar® system, offering a comprehensive solution that marries impressive aesthetics with top-tier acoustics, effectively fulfilling both visual and functional requirements.

SoftSpan® Products

SoftSpan® 24
SoftSpan® 48
SoftSpan® 48A
SoftSpan® 96