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Ceiling Baffles,

Ceiling Clouds

Arborisa™’s biophilic acoustic modules channel natural inspirations to craft a collection of designs that combine organically angular accents and abstract linear forms. These large-scale acoustic clouds span across spaces, providing robust auditory coverage to inhabitants below. Designed to emulate the expansive look of a tree canopy, these modules, made of our Soft Sound® acoustic material, branch off in various directions, providing an array of acoustic coverage whether as a single module or grouped together. The elevated aesthetic of this acoustic cloud system arrives in four naturally expansive designs: Arborisa™ Nest, Arborisa™ Axil, Arborisa™ Aura, and Arborisa™ Denza.

Arborisa™ Products

Arborisa™ AURA
Arborisa™ AXIL
Arborisa™ DENZA
Arborisa™ NEST