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Ceiling Clouds

Introducing our Ceiling Clouds made from SoftSound® (PET) and/or CircuLUM® (Aluminum designed to enhance architectural and design environments. These clouds offer superior sound absorption, when using SoftSound®, effectively reducing noise levels and creating optimal acoustics in any space. With their versatile design options and customizable configurations, they seamlessly integrate into various layouts and with other NOWN products. Our clouds not only improve acoustic comfort but also add visual interest and dimension to any environment. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with our SoftSound® and CircuLUM™ cloud solutions.

Arborisa™ (4)

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Arborisa™ AURA
Arborisa™ AXIL
Arborisa™ DENZA
Arborisa™ NEST

SoftGrid® (12)

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SoftGrid® DECA
SoftGrid® DOME
SoftGrid® FLUX
SoftGrid® ORBIT
SoftGrid® ROUND
SoftGrid® SCALE
SoftGrid® SINE
SoftGrid® SLOPE
SoftGrid® SWITCH
SoftGrid® TRELLA
SoftGrid® WAVE

SoftSpan® (4)

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SoftSpan® 24
SoftSpan® 48
SoftSpan® 48A
SoftSpan® 96

SoundStar® (1)

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