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7 Aluminum Exterior Wall Panel and Cladding Ideas

June 19, 2023


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More than just a first impression, the exterior of a building contains many functional aspects. It has to protect the interior from wind, sun, rain and snow, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Today’s exterior envelopes are a blend of innovative design materials that combine form and function to create a truly unique design, and exterior cladding contributes to both the design and functional performance.

Using aluminum exterior wall panels, today’s designers aren’t settling for typical exterior cladding systems. Instead, they are using the flexibility of aluminum products to design stunning exterior walls and create exteriors that are nearly works of art.

To achieve this level of functionality and artistic beauty, designers are turning to Graphic Perf® Solutions Exterior which offers two paths to making metal your canvas — Photoreal and Scripted, as well as the NOWN Solutions Studio® for custom designs that can meet the individual needs of each building.

1. Shift the Aesthetic of Exteriors with Aluminum Cladding

“Tesla”, Santa Monica, CA, Michael W Folonis Architects, Art Gray Photography, Featuring: Graphic Perf® and Solutions Studio® by NOWN

The Tesla auto showroom exterior in Santa Monica, CA draws inspiration from the company’s namesake, Nikola Tesla, as well as magnetic flux diagrams to create an inspired design. With this inspiration in mind, NOWN utilized our proprietary software to customize our exterior Graphic Perf® Scripted system and create this system of complex curves.

This design isn’t just for show, however. The exterior facade helps to filter heat and sunlight as well as a rain shield all while enhancing the Tesla brand and being a visual representation of their concept.

“Modern Sitting Area” Featuring: Graphic Perf® Solutions Exterior by NOWN

Not only does this design create a stunning exterior, but the occupants also benefit from the one-of-a-kind design. The exterior facade paired with exterior glass windows creates a space where natural light permeates into the interior to create playful patterns throughout.

2. Create Three Dimensional Facades Inspired by Abstract Art

“Elysian Fields” Los Angeles, CA, Warren Techentin Architecture, Inc., Featuring: Exterior Graphic Perf® by NOWN

The Elysian Fields apartment building in Los Angeles, CA showcases an abstract rendering that pays homage to nearby auto body shops. The Exterior Graphic Perf® aluminum exterior wall panel provides protection from sun and wind for its residents.

To create space for the expansive sliding windows to open, flared voids were created around each window, creating a look reminiscent of abstract art.

3. To Clad or Not to Clad?

“Brick and Machine”, Culver City, CA, Abramson Architects, Featuring: Solutions Studio® by NOWN

The needs of each building are incredibly unique and depend not only on the exterior conditions but also the needs of those inside. Sliding aluminum exterior wall panels create the opportunity to customize the exterior of the building on a moment-to-moment basis. This gives the users the opportunity to strategically choose what to clad and what not to clad.

This mixed development building in LA features a series of fully custom-made rolling metal panels along with fixed panels that include perforations. These allow natural light to filter into the building, creating a bright and welcoming environment.

4. Transcend the Ordinary with Bold Aluminum Cladding Color

©Halkin Mason Photography (Photographer), Featuring: Graphic Perf® Scripted by NOWN

To further customize the aluminum exterior wall cladding, you can choose a bold color that speaks volumes about the values of the company. For this building, red is bold and represents excitement, and the series of perforations serve to add depth and dimension across the metal cladding.

5. Speak Louder with Graphics Over Perforated Aluminum

“Santa Monica Beach” Santa Monica Beach, CA, RNT Architects & Adrian Gaus Architects Inc., Stephen Schafer Photography, Featuring: Graphic Perf® Photoreal by NOWN

Our Graphic Perf® Photoreal process begins with your image and ends with a stunning customized aluminum exterior wall. With our proprietary software, we’ll translate your image into a series of perforations of varying sizes until the image is revealed in stunning detail.

We manufacture seamlessly tileable grid panels to bring your image to life at any scale. These Santa Monica Beach rain screen systems are a stunning example of aluminum exterior wall panels.

6. Capture and Reflect the Culture

“BNA- Signature Terminal”, Nashville, TN, Schenkel Shultz – Orlando, Featuring: Graphic Perf® by NOWN

Nashville is known for its iconic music legacy. What’s a better way to enter or exit the city than by viewing a Graphic Perf® Custom Protoreal Exterior treatment at the FBO terminal at Nashville International Airport that pays homage to Nashville’s storied history?

Create a Stunning, One-of-a-Kind Exterior with NOWN

Our Solutions Studio® offers the opportunity to create a true one-of-a-kind design that is as beautiful as it is functional. These custom projects reflect the values and desires of the company while serving the practical purpose of protecting the interior of the building from the elements.

Contact the experts at NOWN today to begin designing the ideal aluminum exterior.

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