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Delta Drop® 4X4 in use

Key Features

  1. Acoustic Performance

    Delta Drop®’s optional Soft Sound® backer material reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing, and chatter resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment. The Soft Sound® backer works in concert with the design to help reduce and control reverberations leaving a lasting impression at scales ranging from assembly halls to conference rooms.

  2. Multiple Pattern Options

    Delta Drop® panels are preconfigured faceted solutions designed with a dynamic array of criteria and effects in mind. Choose from our library of patterns to uniquely impact your project.

  3. Multiple Panel Types

    In addition to multiple patterns, select from various panel types including Standard, Transition, and Flat Panels. Use them together to create gradations and increase the aesthetic and functional versatility of the system.

  4. Easy Installation & Access

    Delta Drop® panels offer easy install and access across walls and ceilings through quick torsion spring attachment to standard grid systems and a simple hook-on attachment to our Vertika® channel system.

  5. Design with Standard Panels

    We make it easy to create stunning faceted designs on a standard torsion grid. Mix and match our available panel sizes in stepped or continuous configurations. Choose from our library of patterns and panel types to fit the unique needs of your project.

  6. Integrated Lighting Options

    We have designed an integrated backlight allowing you to create a variety of functional and decorative lighting solutions.

Product Details



  • 1200mm x 1200mm x 130mm


  • Aluminum

Fire Rating

  • ASTM E84 - Class A, UNE-EN 13501-1, B-s1,d0

Ceiling Attachment

  • Torsion Grid (By Others)

Wall Attachment

  • Vertika® Wall (Refer to Vertika® Brochure)


  • Torsion Spring Hinge


  • Yes, per installation manual


  • Acoustic Backer, Translucent Backer, Backlight, InLine Light

Product Diagrams

Standard Panels

Seamlessly Join Walls & Ceilings

Understanding the Panel - Full Solid

Understanding the Panel - Half Pattern Circle

Understanding the Panel - Full Pattern Circle

Accessory Options - Ceiling

Accessory Options - Wall

Sustainability and Certification
  • 348 / 50

    Each module is made from an average of 348 recycled aluminium cans with an acoustic backer made of 50 recycled water bottles.

  • Cradle to Cradle®

    Bronze Status Pending

  • 100%

    Declare certified to be fully salvageable/reusable in its entirety, recyclable (100%)

  • Declare

    Red list free

Materials and Finishes

Materials and Finishes

CircuLUM™ Powder Coat Premium Metallic Finish

  • Chilled Champagne

  • Burnished Bronze

CircuLUM™ Powder Coat Standard Finish

  • Brilliant White (Gloss) (RAL9010)

  • NOWN White (Matte) (RAL9016)

  • T-Grid White (Matte) (RAL9003)

  • Silver Metallic (Semi Gloss) (RAL9006)

  • Jet Black (Matte) (RAL9005)

  • Aviator Gray (Gloss) (RAL7035)

  • Aviator Gray (Matte) (RAL7035)

  • Steel Gray (RAL7046)

  • Shadow (RAL7024)

  • Midnight (RAL7021)

  • Coffee (RAL8014)

  • Raw Umber (RAL8007)

  • Caramel (RAL8001)

  • Sandstone (RAL1019)

  • Oat (RAL1001)

  • Sunflower (RAL1003)

  • Torch (RAL2009)

  • Spirit Red (Matte) (RAL3001)

  • Azure (RAL5003)

  • Blue Steel (RAL5010)

  • Forest Green (RAL6001)




Delta Drop® 4X4 – DWG (Metric)

Delta Drop® 4×4 Brochure

Projects with Delta Drop® 4X4

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