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Unveiling Arborisa™: Sustainable Design Solutions

March 22, 2024


3 min read

In our exploration of NOWN’s Arborisa™ product line, we introduce four standout creations that embody sustainable design principles with a touch of modern elegance. Let’s delve into the key features of each product – Arborisa™ Aura, Arborisa™ Axil, Arborisa™ Denza, and Arborisa™ Nest – highlighting their usability and sustainable attributes.

Exploring Possibilities with SoftSound®

Exploring sustainable and functional options with NOWN’s SoftSound® ceiling clouds and baffles, designed to attenuate noise and absorb sound in spaces. Crafted from recycled PET, these solutions offer noise reduction, enhancing comfort in visually appealing environments. With a diverse range of colors and premium wood prints available, our ceiling clouds provide versatile options to complement any design aesthetic. Elevate your space with our sustainable and stylish SoftSound® solutions.

Arborisa™ Aura: Illuminating Spaces with Precision

Arborisa™ Aura brings a touch of sophistication to interior environments with its precise construction and radiant lighting solutions that can be integrated with its system. Designed to enhance ambiance and visibility, Aura offers a versatile lighting option that seamlessly integrates into ceilings, walls, or facades. Its sustainable materials and energy-efficient design make it a practical choice for modern architectural projects.

Arborisa™ Axil: Redefining Spaces with Artistic Detail

Arborisa™ Axil offers a creative solution for partitioning spaces or adding visual interest with its intricate patterns and geometric designs. Its modular construction allows for customizable configurations, enhancing usability and adaptability in various environments. Axil’s durable construction ensure long-lasting performance without compromising on style.

Arborisa™ Denza: Merging Form and Function with Ease

Arborisa™ Denza transforms ordinary spaces into contemporary places with its sleek design and practical functionality. From accent walls to decorative screens, Denza provides a versatile solution for architects and designers seeking both aesthetic appeal and usability. Its modular design make it a choice for interior enhancements.

Arborisa™ Nest: Embracing Organic Inspiration for Tranquil Spaces

Arborisa™ Nest draws inspiration from nature to create serene and inviting spaces that promote tranquility. Its organic forms and tactile textures offer a refuge from urban chaos, fostering a sense of harmony and calm. Built with sustainable materials and eco-friendly finishes, Nest embodies NOWN’s commitment to environmental responsibility while enhancing usability in modern environments.


Elevate Your Design Vision with Arborisa™

Arborisa™ stands as a testament to sustainable innovation and practical design solutions. With its range of products, architects and designers can elevate spaces with confidence, knowing they are making environmentally conscious choices without sacrificing style or functionality.

Discover the transformative power of Arborisa™ and redefine your design aesthetic with sustainable elegance at its core.

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