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About Atmosphera® Adaptive PULSE

Pulse’s interconnected modules create a current for viewers to follow, drawing them deeper into the building and the rest of your design. Because the panels are customisable, you can create as much openness as you want. Pulse’s panels are available in steel only — with optional Soft Sound® inserts for sound control — and can be powder coated in one of our five standard colors.

Key Features

  1. Preconfigured Solutions

    Create dynamic layouts to fit any space with five predefined modules that are scripted for a seamless, voronoi spaceframe.

  2. Open Plan Accessibility

    Atmosphera® Pulse's open design makes integrating systems above or below the modules simple and feasible. Easily removable fins and open structure makes accessing lights, HVAC, rigging points, plumbing, AV equipment, and life safety systems easy for your maintenance team.

  3. Accessories for Acoustic Performance

    Enhance the acoustic performance of Atmosphera® Pulse with 4 options of Soft Sound infill panels.

  4. Mix and Match Colors

    Select from our expansive powder-coat finishes to set your design apart from the rest. Select from Black, White or Silver colors, or customize with our growing collection of powder-coated finishes. Choose to switch it up and contrast two finishes together to create a more dynamic module.

  5. Organic, Biophilic Pattern

    Create a natural, continuous, and non-repetitive feeling with Atmosphera® Pulse, inspired by the mathematical, tessellated convex pattern of nature.

Product Details

  1. Specifications


    Type 1
    • 2140 x 2120

    Type 2
    • 1970.5 x 2110

    Type 3
    • 1990 x 2010

    Type 4
    • 1970.5 x 2010

    Type 5
    • 1990 x 2040.5


    • 120.7 or 300.5

    Fin Material

    • 16GA Steel

    Openness in Plan

    Type 1
    • 90%

    Fire Rating

    • ASTM E84 - Class A

    Attachment Method

    • 1/16" Cable


    • Yes, baffles are removable

  2. Product Diagrams
    • Single Module

    • Multiple Modules

    • Full Module - Plan& Elevations

    • Half Module - Plan

    • Attachment & Install

    • Attachment Details

  3. Sustainability and Certification
    • 366

      Each module is made from 366 recycled water bottles.

    • Cradle to Cradle®

      Bronze Status Pending

    • 100%

      Declare certified to be fully salvageable/reusable in its entirety, recyclable (100%)

    • Declare

      Red list free

Materials and Finishes

  1. Materials and Finishes

    Steel Powder Coat Premium Metallic Finish

    • Chilled Champagne

      Chilled Champagne

    • Burnished Bronze

      Burnished Bronze

    Steel Powder Coat Standard Finish

    • Brilliant White (Gloss) (RAL9010)

      Brilliant White (Gloss) (RAL9010)

    • NOWN White (Matte) (RAL9016)

      NOWN White (Matte) (RAL9016)

    • T-Grid White (Matte) (RAL9003)

      T-Grid White (Matte) (RAL9003)

    • Silver Metallic (Semi Gloss) (RAL9006)

      Silver Metallic (Semi Gloss) (RAL9006)

    • Jet Black (Matte) (RAL9005)

      Jet Black (Matte) (RAL9005)

    • Aviator Gray (Gloss) (RAL7035)

      Aviator Gray (Gloss) (RAL7035)

    • Aviator Gray (Matte) (RAL7035)

      Aviator Gray (Matte) (RAL7035)

    • Steel Gray (RAL7046)

      Steel Gray (RAL7046)

    • Shadow (RAL7024)

      Shadow (RAL7024)

    • Midnight (RAL7021)

      Midnight (RAL7021)

    • Coffee (RAL8014)

      Coffee (RAL8014)

    • Raw Umber (RAL8007)

      Raw Umber (RAL8007)

    • Caramel (RAL8001)

      Caramel (RAL8001)

    • Sandstone (RAL1019)

      Sandstone (RAL1019)

    • Oat (RAL1001)

      Oat (RAL1001)

    • Sunflower (RAL1003)

      Sunflower (RAL1003)

    • Torch (RAL2009)

      Torch (RAL2009)

    • Spirit Red (Matte) (RAL3001)

      Spirit Red (Matte) (RAL3001)

    • Azure (RAL5003)

      Azure (RAL5003)

    • Blue Steel (RAL5010)

      Blue Steel (RAL5010)

    • Forest Green (RAL6001)

      Forest Green (RAL6001)

Projects with Atmosphera® Adaptive PULSE

Brentwood Library